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Coda 2 is coming on May 24th – with a little brother called Diet Coda

Screenshot Coda Website

As I’m currently happy with Sublime Text 2 as my editor of choice, I’m happy for all the Coda fans that Coda 2 is coming out on May 24th. And there will be an iPad version of it, too, which is called Diet Coda—nice little word play with Diet Coke but I guess you already figured it out.

You can read more about pricing and discounts in the first 24 hours (50 %!) in Panic’s announcement blog post.

Hell yeah, this blog post is written in somewhat english. I believe the english language is nice to handle and even this whole web development thingy is dominated by english texts, so why not write myself english posts from time to time? Have I already mentioned the word “english”?

Coda 2 in the Mac App Store | Diet Coda in the iPad App Store

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