Nils Riedemann:

Today I had to create a new Drupal installation and it has been a while that I had to create Drupal installation from scratch. So I thought about writing up this guide for future reference and find a way to create a complete new Drupal install entirely from the command-line to get as fast as possible to a state where I actually start working.

Hatte das mit Drush schon mal irgendwo aufgeschnappt. (Eins der Dinge die ich für Contao gerne hätte.) Ziemlich coole Sache jedenfalls und hier nochmal kurz und knapp erklärt. – Set up a new Drupal site from the command-line with git and drush

Andy Rutledge mit einem weiteren Teil aus seiner Redux-Rubrik:

My friend used sports franchise websites as an example of the polar opposite of clean and minimal design in his answer. He was, of course, correct. I smiled at that fact and said, “You know, I wonder if a clean and minimal design would work for a sports franchise website. It would be interesting to see how or even if that could be done and still work.” We talked about it. He suggested that maybe I should give it a try.

Die Redux-Artikel von Andy Rutledge sind es im Grunde immer wert, gelesen und beachtet zu werden. Schon so manche Website ist ihm zum Opfer gefallen und wurde im Layout vereinfacht, verbessert und aufgehübscht.

Andy Rutledge – Baseball Redux

Then I read „JavaScript Enlightenment,“ and everything started making sense. JavaScript stopped being the big bad wolf and started being my little kitchen helper. Plus I started working for a company where I got to own the JavaScript, CSS and HTML without having to justify every move to a head of Marketing who was afraid to let go of frames. Coderwall

Rachel Nabors über ihre anfänglichen Schwierigkeiten mit JavaScript mit ein paar Buchtipps. Werde ich mir auch mal zu Gemüte führen.

Rachel Nabors : Learning new things: Don’t beat your head against a wall.